Saturday, October 31, 2009

Call to Action! Monday Nov 2nd 10AM

We are reaching out to you in the local community who may have a love of these trees or a concern for the out-of-whack environmental balance in our society which allows the legacy of over a hundred years to be brutalized in mere minutes by unsupervised chain saw wielding crews.  It is time to stand up and make the effort required to save these historical tree resources which provide the very tone and image of our village and a livable, beautifully arbored community.

There are two things which you could do as a concerned resident:

1) Call or email the Mayor, the other Trustees and the Village Administrator to let them know how important it is to protect these Sycamores (and other historic resources like them in the village). Don't accept a "happy talk " answer about how there will be a meeting in which this will be worked out. No, that is well intentioned, but Con Ed will not easily back down. They will only back down if the community and our elected and appointed officials stand together united and strong, only if there is significant public outrage and resulting bad press.

2) COME BE SEEN. How often are you asked to publicly demonstrate your concern about and love for the trees of our village? COME AND STAND TOGETHER in a show of public strength. The meeting is set for 10am Monday Nov 2nd somewhere along S.Broadway near the Columbia Nevis Sycamore trees. It won't be hard to spot the crowd. Who knows? Perhaps they will be so many of you turning out that the Mayor and others will realize that this cannot be ignored. Perhaps  this will make the news. Let's do it!

Yes, it sounds cliched, but really, unless you let them know how important this is, the Mayor and Board of Trustees will simply try to avoid the difficult situation of confronting Con Ed. We did it once with the proposed feeder line and poles along the reservoir. But this only occurred because our elected officials were reacting to a concerted public outcry.

REMEMBER: MONDAY at 10am along S.Broadway. (This meeting will occur unless there is heavy rain.)

Please forward this blog url to all of your concerned friends. If we form an informal volunteer network, then any changes in status can be circulated much more efficiently across the community.

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