Monday, November 16, 2009

Citizen's Tree Brigade

Last week demonstrated that without constant oversight on Asplundh contracting crews, the pruning of our street trees can go very badly, with blind conformance to maximum line clearance specifications rather than with a carefully honed pruning.

The village is given short notice each morning about what street segments are to be targeted by the crews. There are often two or more sets of crews deployed. Supervisory staff from Con Ed or Asplundh are often not in the immediate vicinity. And our own consulting arborist is only on-site when requested to be by DPW. All in all, this makes it very difficult for the village to reasonably monitor activities and ensure that no more egregious pruning occurs.

The best response is to have everyone in the village acting a "tree police" - watching where the crews are working and immediately notifying DPW when it appears that there may be pruning issues occurring. Also, as a homeowner, you can confront the crews and demand work stop until supervisory personnel are on hand to discuss the pruning in detail with you and/or with the village arborist (in the case of street trees).

Escalation Contact Number

In an emergency situation - especially if the line clearing crews are not responsive to your requests for lighter pruning - residents should immediately reach out to Greg Nillson (Village DPW) , who has numbers to directly contact Con Ed personnel as well as the Village's consulting arborist.

Greg's numbers: Office# 591-6044. Cell# 469-6267.

If unable to contact DPW directly, please contact the VIllage Administrator's office via the main phone: 591-7070.

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