Sunday, November 29, 2009

Con Ed Petition - Take Action Now!

Just in from our neighbors along Sprain Road, Ridge Road and Underhill Road:

Citizen Action Group to Save Our Woodlands

Join your neighbors in forming a citizen action group to stop Con Ed from clear cutting our Woodlands.

As you well know, Con Ed has initiated “Tree Trimming” activities in our area that has resulted in the destruction of hundreds of acres of woodlands, as well as, the use of toxic herbicides to prevent re-growth, particularly on the Catskill Aqueduct, that end up in our drinking water.

Con Ed has chosen to discontinue a policy of pruning and maintenance and has adopted a new 20 year maintenance plan without any regard for the impact on the environment or the quality of life of the residents in the surrounding area. Not to mention, the economic impact on property owners, particularly in densely populated suburban areas where visual buffering can add a significant value to one’s home.

For many of us, it may seem as if it is too late. Our goal now is to stop further destruction and begin a massive replanting initiative on both public and private lands. We also insist that a sound barrier wall be constructed along the Spain Brook Parkway in residential areas to muffle the sounds of constant traffic and air pollution.

To sign the petition please fill out the information below and send to:

Tom Bracken
491 Ridge Road
Hartsdale, NY 10530

Telephone Number (optional):
Signature (required):

For more information please contact Tom Bracken: or try this new address

Download petition as PDF file
to print out, fill out, mail in.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting that. We are truly trying to make a change here and see you are too. As an update, the new e-mail to reach us is: