Sunday, November 15, 2009

Con Ed Target Streets for Monday Nov 16th

Plan for 11/16/2009:
S. Broadway
S. Dutcher
S. Ferris
N. Hendrick

Week Ending 11-21-09
S. Broadway
N. Cottenet
N. Dutcher
River Rd
N. Buckhout
S. Buckhout
S. Cottenet
Barney Park
S. Dearman
Home Pl

There will also be removals on various streets throughout the week of 11/21/2009.

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-mg- said...

NOTE: Escalation Contact Number

In an emergency situation - especially if the line clearing crews are not responsive to your requests for lighter pruning - residents should immediately reach out to Greg Nillson (Village DPW) , who has numbers to directly contact Con Ed personnel as well as the Village's consulting arborist.

Greg's numbers: Office# 591-6044. Cell# 469-6267.