Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crime Scene Along Sprain Road

Anyone of you who may have driven along Sprain Road or Underhill Road near Sprainbrook Nursery probably remarked upon the large overhead high tension lines which march through the area following the path of the Catskill Aqueduct. I am sad to say that this area has become a true environmental crime scene through the actions of Con Ed and it's contractor Lewis Tree Service.

Where there used to be woodlands containing mixed hardwood trees, some over 150 years old, now there are stumps and felled trees lying in piles. This is part of Con Ed's line clearing activity - in this case, their guidelines call for clear cutting a buffer 50 feet on each side of the towers as well as the application of herbicides across the entire buffer so as to create a sort of visual DMZ that simplifies fly-over monitoring of the transmission lines.

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Does it matter that large swaths far outside of the 50 foot buffer were felled?

Does it matter that trees on steep slopes and along scenic roadways were felled?

Does it matter that many homeowners were given no notification?

Does it matter that their property values have now been significantly impacted?

Does it matter that the local government (Town of Greenburgh) took no action to halt, slow down or mitigate this activity?

Evidently not.

Hey, folks - if this is not a wake-up call, what is? The "Con Ed Problem" reaches far outside our Irvington niche - extending to environmental destruction on a large scale.

The decision does not have to be between ELECTRICAL POWER and TREES. Con Ed needs to be reigned-in by the state PSC to prevent more of this madness. Write the Governor, your local state Senator and Representative. Contact local media. Speak out!

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Anonymous said...

From Sprainbrook Nursery's recent newsletter, owner Al Krautter writes:

Destroying our Trees - In the most brutal attack against nature Con Edison is taking down trees wall to wall on the Catskill Aqueduct. They have changed their policy from pruning to felling. In their path of destruction they have taken down 125 year-old Oaks, Maples, Beech and other species. They have left a path of destruction taking away the home of our birds, shade for our bordering properties, and screening for the ugly power lines which run through our neighborhood. There is no regard for plant life and the many years it took to grow these beautiful trees. Con Edison is performing a shameful act against us and nature and should be condemned and stopped from continuing these ruthless acts.

There is a connection between man and plants; one much deeper than we may realize. Everything in the universe is connected. We need to learn to work with nature rather than try to control her. Trees are important to us in preserving our life on this earth. They are our longest lived plants. They protect us from the sun and wind and soften the rain. They prevent erosion. They provide food and beauty. They buffer sound and screen ugly sights. They purify our air and give us back oxygen to breathe. They provide us with shade and shelter. They provide a home for nature’s animal life. They provide a place for birds to perch and build nests in. When we go on a rampage to kill trees for monetary gain, we are killing a little bit of each of us who has lived in harmony with them. These trees were our neighbors and we loved them. The birds they housed provided cheerfulness and the squirrels that climbed them provided entertainment. The trees provide psychological benefits and soothe us with their being, in a stressful world they were our companions. All things in nature are related. We are killing nature’s ecosystem, one we all need to live in harmony with. Many of us have grown up with these trees and to see their brutal death is killing apart of us. Stop Con Edison and the terrible acts they have committed against us all.