Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crews Done on Your Property? What to Do Now?

For those of you in the village who have suffered "pruning catastrophe" at the hands of the line clearing crews, it is uncertain what help or recourse, if any, there will be. Perhaps none. Current village code and state code does not require Con Ed to replant - or even to remove (grind) stumps. They have accepted the need to perform remedial pruning at some sites or perhaps the outright removal of the affected trees - you would need to contact the senior Con Ed manager to discuss your complaint/claim - Matt Glasser (

That said, we have been collecting these stories (and taking images of the affected trees) so that detailed documentation exists (as this has potential to be a public relations nightmare.)

I suggest that affected residents write detailed email to the Mayor and BOT. (There have been lots of incident reports given verbally, but few put into writing so far.) I would also suggest contacting the RIvertown Enterprise with a letter to the editor (due Monday 12 pm for that week's issue, 400 words max., must include full name and address for verification).

Perhaps each of you reading this could encourage your neighbors to email (to the village and the Enterprise) their experiences with dealing with the crews, the results of the pruning, etc., as well.

Only by all of us speaking up load & clear, without delay, will our collective anger be heard.

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