Saturday, November 21, 2009

Holding Con Ed Accountable

Sprain Road near Ridge Road

On Nov 20, 2009, at 4:44 PM, Paul Feiner wrote:
I spoke to people at Con Ed today. They will discuss landscaping remediation with me and town officials. I will keep you advised. PAUL FEINER

To which I responded:
What is critical is to get Con Ed to cease and desist from continuing clear cutting activity (such as occurred around Sprain Road and Underhill Road) "up the line" thru the rest of Greenburgh - and ultimately into other Westchester municipalities.

Coming up with a Town restitution agreement is good, but let's not give in too quickly. The degree of damage both to public land and to private land needs a thoughtful recompense. Simply planting a few trees won't be an appropriate response for many of the affected homeowners - or to our native wildlife.

Additionally, I believe that the NYC DEP and other state officials need to be contacted and filled in on what is happening. Con Ed may be exposed to much greater fines and other sanctions based upon where and how they (or their contractors, Lewis Tree) acted.

Sure, Con Ed will want to quietly paper over this "crime scene" with a quick agreement with Greenburgh - so as to minimize negative blow-backs. In the longer term, without sufficient negative publicity and blow-backs, they will never stop this sort of activity leading to extreme environmental degradation.

If you agree that Con Ed needs to be stopped from further activity like this or if you believe that their line clearing in the village has been inappropriately executed, then please take a few moments to contact the PSC (Public Service Commission), our regional State Assemblyman and State Senator and the Governor's Office.

Contact information is below (in two recent postings from today and yesterday.)

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