Monday, November 2, 2009

Horror Stories "R" Us

Even though it's post-Halloween and the Day of the Dead has past, we will be facing the horrors of bad Con Ed pruning for years to come! The village wants to document such problems so as to present them to Con Ed as evidence of lack of crew training and supervision.

If you have an affected tree (or trees), if you know of a neighbor who has been so afflicted, please share this information immediately! Send an email with background data such as street address/location, description of tree (species/type) and a description of the results of the pruning. Include any other relevant information - Did you attempt to interact with the line clearing crews? Did you speak to anyone at Con Ed? Was there an arborist on site at the time of the pruning? Also, please attach a digital photo, if possible. Don't forget to include your contact info. Send this to -- SUBJECT: CON ED PRUNING.

Badly mangled and topped White Pine along Ardsley Ave. West

Once mighty Oak de-limbed and destroyed. Note improper pruning.
(Corner of Havemeyer and Deep Hollow Close.)

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