Friday, November 13, 2009

Mayhem on Main Street

Yesterday, as the Con Ed crews moved slowly up the south side of Main Street, the results could only be described as a Hanna Barbera cartoon gone wild or perhaps Edward Scissorhands on acid. As if by magic, a row of "v"-cut trees appeared from Astor Street to Broadway, holding their Bozo heads up in the guise of "street trees".

Unfortunately, this will seem to most residents as some kind of black magic - cursed by seemingly under-supervised crews who attacked the trees with the sole goal of gaining maximum line clearances. Aesthetics? Community concern? Previous conversations about "going easy"?? Forget about it!

In perfect hindsight, the village should have assigned their consulting arborist to be on site all day, monitoring and "blowing the whistle" for a time-out when needed. This was not the case. Rather than "trust and verify", the village was lulled into "trusting" based upon the work being performed in other areas of the village, including the side streets immediately off Main.

When I phoned in my alert notification at 10:15am to DPW (the proper channel established for complaints), the village could not reach anyone at Con Ed directly - having to leave voice messages. The managing supervisor was not in the village, the Asplundh supervisor was not in the village. Even our consulting arborist was not in the village at the time. Meanwhile, one crew continued to hack away at the tree right across from Village Hall while another crew attacked a Honeylocust near the Aqueduct Trail crossing.

To be fair, putting aside the emotional response to the visual wreckage, we collectively as a village bear the brunt of responsibility: these trees are all unwilling symbols of the maxim "wrong tree, wrong place". The village should not be planting Oaks, Honeylocusts, Maples and so forth under the power lines. Appropriate trees which remain under 25 high at maturity are required. Until (if ever) the village floats a bond to bury the feeds along Main Street, a program to remove existing trees and replant with "safer" species is sorely needed.

Unless you enjoy waking up each morning to bozo cuts and perhaps far worst tree nightmares along Main Street.

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Anonymous said...

These photos prove that the crews doing the work have not received adequate training. What bizarre pruning!