Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Outline of Suggested Changes to On-The-Ground Operations

Based upon the reports that are continuing to coming in regarding pruning problems and problematic interactions with Con Ed line clearing contractor crews, the following on-the-ground procedural changes are needed:
  • site pruning re-notification of homeowner - 24 hour delay min. before work commences.
  • full disclosure of homeowner's rights vis-a-vis property access and pruning.
  • limitation of pruning to less than current specified clearances, including exceptions for evergreens.
  • dispute escalation procedures and contact numbers made publicly available.
  • continual onsite monitoring and mediation by senior Con Ed personnel.
  • notification to village of each area to be pruned with advanced notice so that oversight by village consulting arborist, tree commission, DPW or other representatives can be scheduled, as needed.
  • village will post schedule on website and via e-blast so that for trees on private land, the home owner will have sufficient advanced notification so as to be able to engage an arborist for oversight.
  • post-pruning site visit, documentation and analysis by Con Ed and by village - quality control via immediate crew retraining or reassignment where required.
  • remuneration and/or replanting required for bad pruning and/or tree removals.
  • immediate engagement of regional politicians and senior Con Ed management to help in this effort.

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