Thursday, November 5, 2009

So How's It Going?

As far as Con Ed's responsiveness is concerned, you could say that it is a mixed bag to date:
  • good - Con Ed is re-notifying homeowners ahead of time of pruning activity. Look for orange Door Hangers and contact info to arborist.
  • bad - No indication of what property owner's rights are or exact recourse they might have.
  • good - Con Ed letting us know the (approximate) schedule of activity by area of village (street lists).
  • bad - Con Ed still not changing it's policy vis-a-vis the amount or degree of pruning clearance.
  • good - EXCEPT for the Sycamores along S. Broadway... They are getting special treatment by a senior arborist.
  • bad - So many properties with significant tree damage and no restitution is offered or available. (See Bad Pruning slideshow on this blog.)
  • good - Village now has consulting arborist in the field to work with Con Ed reviewing planned pruning day-by-day.
  • bad - Con Ed contractors do not report to village arborist, but are supervised by a Con Ed manager who decides if enough has been cut.
  • good - The village (Mayor, BOT, others) has been working hard to get the word out about the pruning and to get Con Ed to agree to ease off on the clearances.
  • bad - Unfortunately, the net-net is before you know it, the job will be over in 2 weeks and then we will all have to live with the results...
  • good - For tree removals, the village has a budget and a plan to remove stumps and replant appropriately chosen street trees.
  • bad - Individual homeowners with private trees (not on street easements) are left with stumps by Con Ed.

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