Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sycamore Pruning Delayed

Today was not the day, after all... The pruning of the S. Broadway Sycamores was called off after only a few dead limbs had been cut due to equipment problems and due to the need to close off two lanes of Broadway so as to safely use the bucket truck. (The state requires advanced notification and plans for any such extensive traffic diversion - which had not been filed.)

It looks like next Tuesday is the current re-schedule date.

However, all was not wasted: the Con Ed senior arborist walked the line once again with the foreman of the line clearing crew, along with myself and the village's consulting arborist, Guy Pardee. We reviewed each tree in detail and ensured the foreman understood the limited pruning (mainly suckers and deadwood) to be done to each tree. Only two specific trees will require cutback of a branch or two. The net impact will definitely be satisfactory for the village.

When the work does recommence, the same senior arborist will be on-site all day monitoring the work. I plan to be there, as well. As I said before, my new Con Ed motto is "Trust but Verify!"

And as one reader has noted to me: "Proper prior planning prevents pruning postponement." How true.

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