Monday, November 23, 2009

We Need More From Con Ed and Our Politicians

I met with representatives of Con Ed today (again). I was advised that the NYS Public Service Commission is aware of what Con Ed is doing. I was also advised that the work in Irvington is about over. If we are able to arrange a meeting with the PSC and state lawmakers your suggestions make lots of sense. Another suggestion: We should ask Senator Cousins and Assemblyman Brodsky to ask the senate and assembly environmental committees to review what is happening and to schedule hearings. They have supoena powers and state lawmakers might be more inclined to work on this than the PSC.

I suggest that those on our distribution list contact Senator Cousins and Assemblyman Brodsky. This is what we want:

1) A meeting with the State Public Service Commission.
2) A legislative hearing of the Senate & Assembly Environmental Committees.

Con Ed is willing to give us a limited number of plants---the town will be receiving some plant for sprain road (near Heatherdell) next week. I anticipate that we will do the planting next week. This is for the clear cutting that happened a few years ago.


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Anonymous said...

Investigative hearings are indicated at the county and state levels. In the interim, there should be stop work orders obtained and issued against Con Edison with only emergency or imminent danger work permitted.

It should not have been allowed to get to the point of necessitating replanting. What happenend to tree trimming? It will take decades for a clear cut area to re-establish itself. It is not a simple quick fix situation. Not every specimen used in replanting will survive and Con Edison will shift the responsiblity of any restoration work to the municpality. Con Edison should be held accouantable for such restoration work and the provision of long term warranties.