Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Blog By Residents of Sprain Road / Ridge Road Disaster Zone

From an email I received today:

We have created a blog: If you can, please visit it and post anything you've done that would be helpful for us all to know in this fight against Con Edison. You can post information without being a member. If you don't mind joining as a "follower," you will get an email notice when new information is posted. The blog is brand new, and I plan to add a "What You Can Do" section sometime soon, to identify specific people to write, call, e-mail, etc.

We have created a Facebook Fan page (Keep Greenburgh Green) in hopes to more rapidly spread awareness of what's happening on Con Edison's 190,000 acres of ROWs.

Paul Feiner (Greenburgh Town Supervisor) has sent a letter to Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, State Senator Andrea Stewart Cousins, Nita Lowey, Sen. Charles Schumer and the Chair of NYS Public Service Commission to request a meeting, locally, to discuss the damage, prevention of further damage, and parties responsible for reparations. As far as I know, there has been no response yet. My husband and I, as well as our neighbor, have all sent similar letters. It is important that as many of us as possible send letters out.

Aaron Schmidt (Greenburgh Town Forestry Officer/Environmental Planner) met with Con Edison representatives on Tuesday to discuss the fact that Con Ed did not file a Wetlands Clearance with Greenburgh prior to the clear cutting. This is a necessary document.

There have been three newspaper pieces in the last couple of weeks, and we got some coverage on Channel 12.If you know how to get us coverage on the bigger news stations, please do so. We've been writing to them.

The more research we do and the more we learn and talk to each other about our personal experiences with Con Edison since 2007, the more it becomes crystal clear that something is truly fishy about all of this. They have consistently lied and have often done exactly the opposite of what they have told us they were going to do. It is important that we unify and educate each other in this campaign.

If you can lend a helping hand, please let us know by replying to this email us with HELP in the subject line. We know everyone is busy; but the bigger entity we become, the more powerful we become.

Please, please, please get your friends, families, and neighbors on board.

Thanks for your time and interest in keeping our Greenburgh green!


Kristina & Tom Bracken
Ridge Road

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Paul Feiner said...

Con Ed donated some trees to the town to replace trees that were cut by the utility company a few years ago. We planted these trees on Sprain Road today. A nice improvement. I think that we should press the PSC to require Con Ed to donate one tree for every tree that is cut in a residential neighborhood. The donated trees won't impact the wires. Just a thought.
Greenburgh Town SUpervisor