Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unchopping a Tree by Maya Lin

The Haunting, Beautiful "Unchopping a Tree" Video You Must See - The latest work from Maya Lin is a green call to action.

World renown American artist and architect Maya Lin -- designer of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington -- is in Copenhagen today with the What is Missing? campaign. As part of this memorial she has unveiled a stunning multimedia piece called Unchopping A Tree.

The slow-burning, reflective piece features ethereal music by Brian Eno. "If deforestation were happening in your city, how quickly would you work to stop it?" the video asks, pointing out that 90 acres of rainforest are destroyed every minute. Deforestation threatens half of the world's species, and is responsible for 20% of global warming emissions.

We can reduce emissions and protect species. "Together we can save two birds with one tree," the piece argues.

Lin debuted the work at the Support REDD+ Gala, which supports the UN program that aims to give developing nations financial incentive to keep their forests standing. Under the What is Missing Foundation?, Maya will be awarding six grants to organizations and projects, including the Carbon Fund and Bonobo Conservation Initiative, that show that REDD+ can be and is successful.

Lin is no stranger to environmental work. She recently completed a restorative "wave field" at New York's Storm King Art Center. This year she completed "Silver River," her first work of art in Las Vegas, an 84-foot cast of the Colorado River made entirely of reclaimed silver. With the sculpture, Lin wanted to make a statement about water conservation in parched Nevada.

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