Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Transmission Line Trimming - Con Ed Tree Guide

This is what Con Ed says publicly about its vegetative management policy:

Transmission lines carry high voltages over long distances. They are located on property known as a right-of-way. Planting any vegetation on this property is prohibited.

Vegetation around transmission lines is managed according to state regulations designed to keep the operation of these lines safe and reliable. Trees capable of growing tall enough to jeopardize safety and reliability are removed from the right-of-way. Lower growing trees that do not interfere with maintenance crew access can remain on the right-of-way. Side trees located off the right-of-way, but with branches that reach into the right-of-way, are trimmed.

Qualified Con Edison contractors generally trim and/or remove trees along the right-of-way every three years. Some areas are visited more frequently. If you live adjacent to our right-of-way we will notify you before scheduled work begins.

It is interesting to note that the description and the diagrams would lead a casual reader to (incorrectly) infer that some form of "tiered" management was being implemented along the transmission lines.

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Anonymous said...

After years of dealing with Con Edison on transmission line issues, I know from experience that what Con Edison says on paper may not be what they do in actuality.