Sunday, January 10, 2010

Video of Saturday's Town Hall Meeting

I documented the Greenburgh meeting on Saturday using my new Flip Cam. It's a little shaky here and there but the audio isn't to bad at all. Click to play the video in a new window.

Note: the file is large so it takes a few moments to get started up... There is also automatic selection of an iPhone version for those of you accessing the site via mobile web.

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-mg- said...

From this week's Yorktown Examiner, a write up about the meeting in Pleasantville is reported to say:

"About 30 people attended a special meeting on Jan.9 at Village Hall to demand that Con Edison stop cutting down trees near its transmission lines. The meeting was organized by State Sen. AndreaStewart-Cousins and attended by members of the village board, County Legislator John Nonna and representative's of the state's Departmentof Public Service."

"Jim Austin, a deputy director for the Department of Public Service overseeing energy efficiency and the environment, said the call for tree trimming near power lines came after the August 2003 blackout that crippled the Northeast. This caused the state to hire a consultant and force utilities to devise a right of way management plan after the federal government ordered that vegetation that threatens power lines must be cleared." "'If they don't own the tree or have an easement they don't have the right to do any work,' Austin said. 'If they are doing it, let us know.'"