Friday, January 15, 2010

When Con Ed Comes Knocking At Your Door

From the Sprainbrook Nursery e-newsletter Jan 15, 2010:

When Con Ed comes knocking at your door or drops you a card that they will be coming by to do some pruning and selective tree removal be aware. In the past they have followed a pruning program that would cut back limbs interfering with power lines. They have changed their attitude and are eliminating whole trees rather than spending time and money in pruning them. Westchester is known as the green County because of the lush foliage that inhabits our soils. Con Ed is not working with nature they are out to control it. They were very deceitful when they took down a large swath of trees that lined either side of the Aqueduct in the town of Greenburgh. In dismay neighboring properties saw their tree barrier to their property removed. In desperation they tried to rally a counter attack but timing was carefully picked by Con Ed., and the project took place on a Holiday weekend working long hours and through the whole weekend to beat the clock. There was no one to call and no one to rally and by the time a response could be assembled, the damage was done. A 14 man crew climbing trees, attaching lines high in the tree to be held on the ground, cutting with chain saws and pulling trees down to remain on the ground where they fell. Within one week a 6.2 mile stretch with up to a 120 feet on each side was cleared. Trees on people’s properties were cut in half with any limbs crossing over the Con Ed property line eliminated. Most of these trees are also destroyed and left with their overbearing weight to fall back towards private homes. So when Con Ed comes knocking at your door get the neighborhood to respond before they arrive. Get your town involved and work out a deal to save the trees way before they come. When they do arrive, make sure you are out there in force. We need to save our trees, they are what makes Westchester so great.

Many of the trees in Westchester are nearing the end of their life cycle and we need to embark on a massive replanting program. I need to give credit to the Greenburgh Nature Center who under the leadership of Anne Jaffe Holmes has coordinated Environmental projects and has put together a Committee to tackle this problem; and to Kurt Hundgen executive Director who has involved Greenburgh Nature Center as a facilitator. This, in my mind, is what Nature Centers should be about. Preserving nature, involving local communities and informing us about Nature and the important role it plays in our lives. Greenburgh Nature Center’s outreach to the community is bringing this problem to the forefront. Ongoing meetings will continue to address this problem. It requires a coordinated effort to solve it. We must save our trees and replant new ones. I will try to inform you when these meetings take place. Call Anne 914-813-1812 if you think you can be of help.

Below is an article I wrote at the time Con Ed demolished the trees on the Aqueduct that neighbors our Nursery. It depicts the emotional effect it can have on us.

Destroying our Trees: In the most brutal attack against nature Con Edison is taking down trees wall to wall on the Catskill Aqueduct. They have changed their policy from pruning to felling. In their path of destruction they have taken down 125 year-old Oaks, Maples, Beech and other species. . They have left a path of destruction taking away the home of our birds, shade for our bordering properties, and screening for the ugly power lines which run through our neighborhood. There is no regard for plant life and the many years it took to grow these beautiful trees. Con Edison is performing a shameful act against us and nature and should be condemned and stopped from continuing these ruthless acts.

There is a connection between man and plants; one much deeper than we may realize. Everything in the universe is connected. We need to learn to work with nature rather than try to control her. Trees are important to us in preserving our life on this earth. They are our longest lived plants. They protect us from the sun and wind and soften the rain. They prevent erosion. They provide food and beauty. They buffer sound and screen ugly sights. They purify our air and give us back oxygen to breathe. They provide us with shade and shelter. They provide a home for nature’s animal life. They provide a place for birds to perch and build nests in. When we go on a rampage to kill trees for monetary gain, we are killing a little bit of each of us who has lived in harmony with them. These trees were our neighbors and we loved them. The birds they housed provided cheerfulness and the squirrels that climbed them provided entertainment.. The trees provide psychological benefits and soothe us with their being, In a stressful world they were our companions. All things in nature are related. We are killing nature’s ecosystem, one we all need to live in harmony with. Many of us have grown up with these trees and to see their brutal death is killing a part of us. Stop Con Edison and the terrible acts they have committed against us all.

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Anonymous said...

It is not unusual for Con Edison to clear cut the transmission line on days when elected officals and public agencies can not be contacted. They even do such "maintenance work" early on Sunday mornings. Their goal is to make sure that the public has no recourse. Their actions are deplorable.