Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bullet Lists - Talking Points

Here are the two "Top 5" Action lists edited down to short bullet items, easy to remember sound bites...

Top 5 Fixes for Transmission Line Clearing Projects
  • Restitution or mitigation for affected homeowners and municipalities.
  • Public review and update of original PSC 2004 SEQR filing.
  • Modernization of Vegetative Management guidelines for ROW.
  • Advanced notification by utilities including written description.
  • Improved supervision and QA of line clearing contractors.

Top 5 Fixes for Distribution Line Clearing Projects
  • Communication: improved notification of public & private property owners.
  • Restoration & restitution: removal, re-plant, remuneration.
  • Improved supervision & training of crews including incident resolution process.
  • Encouragement for municipal tree pruning and maintenance programs.
  • Public education: “Right tree in the right place.”

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