Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Con Ed's Irresponsible Actions - Send Your Complaint Now!

As a community of affected & concerned residents, we need to continue to speak-up to our elected officials! At the bottom of this blog posting are some suggested politicians to contact with links to their online contact information.

Here is an example of an effective complaint by residents of Scarsdale, quoted from a recent email to Paul Feiner's office:

Dear Mr.Feiner,

I am writing to you along with our State Senator Stewart-Cousins and Assemblyman Spano and Brodsky. I had the pleasure of meeting our town forester who explained to me that the right of way that Con Ed exists on is state owned. He also mentioned that the Con Ed staff took him on a 'drive around', essentially telling him nothing of their actual plan to clear cut a beautiful old growth woods with no regard for its environmental impact or the resulting degradation of the real estate values of the contiguous properties.

Is their no recourse for this unconscionable behavior?

We feel that Con Edison should be held accountable and be required to make a serious and overseen remediation of this awful action that they undertook essentially 'in the dark of night' - not truthfully informing the towns or the state or the PSC commission.

Mr Feiner, as Greenburgh has spent so much effort to keep Greenburgh green, please expend whatever power of influence that you have towards some kind of remediation of the damage to our town.


{ name withheld }, Scarsdale

To which Mr. Feiner replied:

I will share your letter with the PSC and our state representatives. I agree with you and will be meeting with Con Ed representatives again to discuss. I am working with a citizens group pressing for state legislation that will help preserve the green in our communties and avoid this kind of destruction. I am copying Mark Gilliland who is heading up that group. Would you be interested in getting involved in this initiative? PAUL FEINER

Thank you Paul! As a community, Westchester residents need to "keep the heat on" - especially at the state level - to ensure that Con Ed, the NYC DEP and the NYS PSC get the message that it can't be "business as usual" any longer: Environmental damage, property & quality of life impacts must take priority. Blindly "clear cutting" the transmission line ROW in the face of strongly negative public opinion is no longer viable.

We must continue to demand effective public oversight from our state legislators! Contact yours today - State Senator Stewart-Cousins and Assemblyman Spano and Assemblyman Brodsky. Come to think about it - Let's contact NYC Mayor Bloomberg or the NYC DEP Commissioner to let them know we disagree with how the DEP has been managing their land in our county. We demand better stewardship of these resources!

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