Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Notes from This Week's Greenburgh Town Council Work Session

On Tuesday, Feb 23, 9:30AM the Greenburgh Town Council meet in a work session. The LORAX Moratorium resolution was on the agenda. Mark Gilliland was present to provide an overview and answer questions.

There was interest in seeing the 2008 Rockland County resolution passed in regards to O&R clear cutting activities. (MG supplied a copy to the Board as a follow-up after the meeting.)

One concern was that even during the moratorium, Con Ed might try to continue to remove trees under the "danger tree" exception. The resolution could be updated to ensure that the Town Forester was notified about and approved "danger tree" removals during the moratorium.

Other issues raised included the lack of mitigation for current activities, property value impacts and the concern for the potentially rapid spread of invasives and other such undesirable environmental impacts. Excessive use of herbicides for ongoing ROW management was also discussed.

Paul Feiner moved that the Resolution be placed on the March 10th Town Council session for public comment and council vote.

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