Thursday, February 4, 2010

Referral Needed: Realtor with the Impact Numbers

I'm looking to talk to someone in the real-estate community who would have an informed sense of how the Con Ed clear-cutting has affected the value of properties near the transmission lines. Can anyone suggest a couple of names for me to contact?

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-mg- said...

Studies in the past have shown an estimated 10-15% increase in property value for a well landscaped home with shade trees, etc. Other studies have shown a significant savings in heating and cooling costs with properly placed trees. And a reduction in stormwater damage / flooding community-wide.

But I know of no "reverse studies" which take the opposite focus to come up with a property value loss due to removal trees and wooded buffer areas.

In the context of Distribution Line Clearing, this becomes even more critical in that too often the trees are left so mal-pruned and misshapen that they become hideous to look at.