Friday, February 5, 2010

Sierra Club: Effects of Clear Cutting Includes up to 30% Property Value Loss

Email received by a concerned reader & forwarded to me today:

From: Sierra Lower Hudson Group

Subject: Sierra Club LHG list: attention- urgent situation re: Con

As a Sierra Club member and resident and taxpayer of Westchester County, we need your attention and response to the urgent situation re: Con Edison.

For the past several months Con Edison has been cutting down hundreds of mature hardwood trees along the Sprain River Parkway and other thoroughfares. This devastation is causing mudslides, erosion, and the loss of entire ecosystems of plant and animal life. Residents living nearby have lost home and property value of up top 30% because of the resulting traffic noise, headlights, and the loss of shade, cleaner air and the aesthetic value that standing hardwood trees brings everywhere. Con Edison plans to continue this "maintenance" without any regulations mandated by the State of New York for environmental impact.

State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins, (D-35th District) is gathering information from the public on any experiences or knowledge you might have on tree cutting sites happening now or in the past, in particular, any potential property damage you might incur as a result of Con Edison's activity. Con Edison continues cutting trees down along highways and aggressively pruning trees along neighborhood streets.

Please contact Senator Cousins at her District office (914)423-4031 or to help remedy this destructive practice by Con Edison.