Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Transmission Line Clearing Moratorium Legislation

The Transmission Line sub-committee of the GEF LORAX working group has just released it's model legislation calling for an immediate moratorium upon Con Ed utility transmission line clearing activity. The moratorium resolution also calls for the PSC to re-open it's 2005 "enhanced line clearing" guidelines so that this policy can undergo much needed public review. The clear cut ("scorched earth") policy clearly does not conform to federal regulations, nor does it embody any awareness of the significant effects of such actions on either private property values or on the environment.

The model resolution is available as a .pdf file and a .doc file. A "generic" cover letter (.pdf file or .doc file) is also a must read for background information, including the supporting samples of media articles and photo documentation.

We intend that this moratorium resolution will be taken up by local municipalities and by the County Board of Legislators in the near future. Please feel free to bring this material to the attention of your village Mayor and Trustees (or your town's Supervisor and Council). It is important that as many Westchester municipal governments as possible pass this moratorium request to ensure sufficient political pressure can be applied on the PSC and on Con Ed as our local utility.

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