Friday, February 19, 2010

Trees Pay Us Back!

Info from a US Forest Service brochure (link to pdf):

Landscape trees provide benefits that far exceed the costs of planting and care over their lifetime. Environmental and esthetic benefits, such as energy savings, stormwater
runoff reduction, cleaner air, and higher property values, are an average of three times greater than tree care costs. The greatest benefits for private trees are energy savings and higher property values.

Healthy trees mean ...

… healthy people. 
One hundred trees remove 
53 tons of carbon dioxide per year.
430 pounds of other air pollutants per year.

… healthy communities. 
Tree-filled neighborhoods 
lower levels of domestic violence. 
are safer and more sociable.

… healthy environment.
One hundred mature trees catch about 139,000 gallons of rainwater per year.

… homeowner savings.
Strategically placed trees save up to 56% on annual air-conditioning costs.
Evergreens that block winter winds can save 3% on heating.

… better business. 
In tree-lined commercial districts, shoppers report
more frequent shopping.
longer shopping trips.
willingness to pay more for parking.
willingness to spend 12% more for goods.

… higher property values. 
Each large front yard tree adds 1% to the house sales price.
Large specimen trees can add 10% to property value 

One healthy street tree 20 years old:
Annual Benefits
Annual Costs
Annual net benefit

One hundred healthy trees over 40 years:
Yard trees
    Public trees
40-year net benefit

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