Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Westchester Residents Lash Out At Con Ed Tree Trim - CH 2 CBS Local News

As Much As They Like Their Power, People Also Love Their Trees; Utility Says Often The Latter Has To Be Sacrificed

This page has the transcript and a video player with the 2 minute segment. It's a lot of Con Ed PR without any discussion of the real environmental issues. Con Ed spokeswoman blames the "regulators." Calls the clear cutting "trimming."

from the transcript:

Con Ed said the trees have to come down to keep the power on, so residents don't have to burn firewood for light and heat when the electricity goes out.

"We understand their concerns but they also have to understand that no one likes to lose power, and this is a real reliability issue when we are doing this trimming," Con Ed spokesperson Sandy Miller said.

Con Ed said regulators have encouraged aggressive tree cutting since 2003, when trees on transmission lines in Ohio caused that major blackout.


Anonymous said...

Con Edison's Public Relations Department always distorts the truth when it comes to vegetation managment problems---especially on the transmission lines. We must also remember that this is a case where the PSC is at fault.

Heartbroken in Hartsdale said...

I called CBS and left a message for Tony Aiello to contact me for more specific information on this issue.
I told them the coverage was one sided and soft.