Monday, February 1, 2010

Yorktown is the next "Vegetative Management" Target

from an email today:

I received word today that Con Edison will begin its clear cutting in Yorktown this week. They are starting in the south side of town and expect to be in the densely populated north side of town at the end of the month. Our situation is a little different in that they have been clear cutting and we experienced the “scorched earth” in 2004---and then 2005 and 2007 when they really increased activity. They have targeted certain areas more so than others. There has been no real rationale as to how they have proceeded. Now, they are coming back for the last few border trees. As usual, our town board is divided on what to do. That has been the problem here right along. I have been told that it was in part due to Con Edison threatening a prior town supervior with the “D” class of emergency repair. In other words, if you don’t go along with us, we will delay repair in the event of outages. No elected official likes to receive complaints from the public about lack of electricity.

We need to try to get a moratorium in place ASAP.

Patricia Podolak

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Anonymous said...

Con Edison has a gangster-like way of operating. The only option is for local residents to get an injunction, particularly if there is a lawyer amongst them who knows how to do this… at least to forestall until a memorandum is in place.

I’m assuming that most of the land is owned by Con Edison, not by individual owners, which makes it harder.

Another tactic is to try to get the local Assemblyman and State Senator to put a hold on (informal moratorium) for a few days/weeks, but Con Ed and the PSC will resist this very strongly.

You can hold a protest rally at Con Ed’s Westchester headquarters in hopes of getting some media attention.

Lastly, you can pray for ice storms that might divert the tree cutting resources elsewhere. ;-)