Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Con Ed and PSC Sill Ignoring the Moratorium Request

FYI. This came in today from one of my neighbors on Springhurst. This means the loss of the few trees that we have left on the border between London Rd and Granite Springs Rd. In aggregate, this means the loss of several thousand trees. Perhaps, more than 10,000. And, it means clear cutting through a wetland again.

-Patricia Podolak, Yorktown

-- quoted from email --

Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2010 9:48 PM

Kevin from Lewis Tree Service came by today and told [us] that they would be cutting down all of the trees on the Con Ed side of the rock wall that are within 130' of the transmission line.

They are going to start surveying shortly. Supposedly they have surveys from the 1960s.

In the [Con Ed] literature that was left the other day, it says "we do not anticipate removing many additional trees near your home during this cycle".

[We] asked him about the moratorium and stop work orders and he said that the PSC put a halt to that. He said they would be starting work in about 2-3 weeks.

I'll let you know if we see any work being done.


What can be done?

The public needs to speak up NOW!

First: contact your local Assembly representative and your state Senator.

Second: write a letter to the Editor of the Journal News.

What to say:
Tell them that you support the Con Ed Clear Cut Moratorium Resolution passed last week by the County BOL. Tell them that you understand that this would be a temporary cessation of work which excludes emergency removals of danger trees or due to natural catastrophy and/or extreme weather. Let them know that you believe it is time for the PSC to re-evaluate its vegetative management guidelines from 2005, making them more responsive to community requirements such as: environmental concerns, health concerns and property value concerns. This review and re-evaluation should be discussed within an open public forum with all interested stakeholders (PSC, utilities, local politicians, environmentalists, residents.)


For the Town of Greenburgh area, the pertinent contact numbers are:

Senator Stewart-Cousins -
 (Tel.) (914) 771-4190

 (518) 455-2585

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky -
DISTRICT OFFICE: 914-345-0432
ALBANY OFFICE: 518-455-5753


And for Yonkers area:

Senator Stewart-Cousins: (see above)

Assemblyman Mike Spano -
DISTRICT OFFICE: 914-779-8805
ALBANY OFFICE: 518-455-3662


For Yorktown area:

Senator Vincent Leibell -
DISTRICT OFFICE: 845-279-3773
ALBANY OFFICE: Phone: 518-455-3111

Assemblyman Gregory Ball -
DISTRICT OFFICE: 845-279-5301
ALBANY OFFICE: 518-455-5783


For the Governor's office:

Gov. David A. Paterson 

Email - via web form -

Deputy Secretary for the Environment, Peter Iwanowicz


LOHUD (Journal News) contact info

Environmental reporter: Greg Clary -

Letter to Editor -

snail mail:
Letters to the Editor
The Journal News
1 Gannett Drive
White Plains, NY 10604

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Anonymous said...

from email:

Legislator Kaplowitz was in Albany yesterday and personally handed the resolution to the PSC. This information, as well as all other correspondence over the past year, has been repeatedly forwarded to the Governor's Office, Westchester's State Delegation (Senators and Assemblymembers), Con Edison, and the PSC. Legislator Kaplowitz has attended numerous public hearings, Town Board meetings, Utilities Oversight Committee meetings and citizen gatherings. He, along with Legislator Abinanti, has called for and hosted multiple Environment Committee meetings and has repeatedly spoken (in addition to the letter writing) to state and local officials and to Con Edison executives to lobby on behalf of the resients of Yorktown and all of Westchester. It is an issue that Mr. Kaplowitz feels very strongly about, which I'm sure you realize given the time and attention he and his office have dedicated to this issue over the past couple of years. Further, the resolution will be included in this Board's annual "State Legislative Package" (Part 'B'), which will be forwarded to the Governor and Westchester's State Delegation, as a priority issue for this Legislature.

That being said, once this resolution and accompanying letter have been sent to the people [listed in the resolution], I must be frank, there is nothing more that Legislator Kaplowitz - or any other County Official of staff member - can do at this point. Please understand that this is a state issue, controlled by a state agency, which is run by the state government. Therefore, I truly feel that your efforts would be better served lobbying your state legislators. They are the only ones who have the power to force a change in policy at that level.

The residents of Yorktown and all of Westchester, along with the Governor's Office, the State Legislature, the PSC, Con Edison and the media are all well aware of the position of Legislators Kaplowitz, Abinanti and the County Legislature as a whole. There is nothing more that can be done at the County level.

I would like to thank you for your understanding and applaud you for the time and effort you personally have put forth on this endeavour.


Tara Bernard
Aide to Mr. Kaplowitz