Thursday, March 4, 2010

Legislator Kaplowitz Letter to NYSPSC & Con Edison

Read the letter to Con Ed and the PSC written by Legislator Kaplowitz urging an immediate implementation of the moratorium to prevent further clear cut activities in the Yorktown area.

Read the official signed version of the Westchester County BOL Moratorium resolution.


Anonymous said...

FYI. Con Edison’s subcontractor is continuing to go door to door notifying residents in my area that they will be cutting trees near their homes. This afternoon everyone along Springhurst is being notified. Dave Humphrey in the Supervisor’s office told me today that on Tuesday Mike Amato from Con Edison told him that Con Edison will not be honoring any moratorium request and that it was only action on the part of a bunch of politicians.

I see that pink flags have appeared near my property.

This will require more aggressive communication between the county, PSC, and any elected state officials willing to help. It is possible to obtain stop work orders through Jacklyn Brilling at the PSC. It has been done in the past.

Unfortunately, this will take more aggressive action by our elected officials. Prompt action appears to be necessary.

Thank you.

Patricia Podolak

Anonymous said...

Remember all - The Government ("a bunch of politicians and beurocrats" - alternatively known as those representing the people's needs)in contrast to those NOT overseen by The Government who can pretty much do as they please!
I would really like to meet Mike Amato, the unofficial representative of Con Ed, The Company that otherwise Speaks to No One!
Tony Rifkin