Sunday, March 14, 2010

Storm Damage Update

from the VIllage of Irvington listserv:

Due to ongoing conditions, residents are asked to stay home to allow DPW, Police and Con Edison to proceed with their work.

At this time, E. Sunnyside Ln, Mountain Rd and Cyrus Field Rd. are still closed to all Traffic.  Taxter Rd. is open from E. Sunnyside Ln. to Rte. 119/ Tarrytown Rd.

Broadway is closed due to a fire on a utility pole adjacent to the Irvington Presbyterian Church.

Con Edison is on the scene and there are work crews on E. Sunnyside Ln. and Cyrus Field Rd., but it is unknown how long before these roads are open again.

Again, please avoid both vehicular and pedestrian traffic in these areas, and throughout the Village.

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Anonymous said...

Yet another example of why distribution lines should be underground!