Thursday, April 1, 2010

Collecting Transmission Line Clear Cut Incident Reports

from an email received yesterday:

Please put out the word that we need all who are/have been impacted by the clearcutting along transmission lines ROW to document the damage/losses whatever they may be. With the current continued rain, damage continues.

We need pictures, verbal description, appraisals showing losses: aesthetics, wetland impacts, flooding, soil erosion, noise, property devaluation, soon as possible.

Please act to collect and catalogue of what will turn out to be volumuminous.

Tom Abinanti

As requested, LORAX will be collecting this material for inclusion by location, date, type of problem, etc.

If you have sent materials (descriptions, letters, photos) previously, now is the time to update any of that.

Forward materials to Please edit the subject line to include the phrase "Incident Report".

Please forward this note to anyone in your email contact list who may be impacted by the clear cutting along the transmission lines.

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