Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PSC Submission Documents from LORAX working group - Reply Comments

The following documents were submitted to the PSC on July 6, 2010 by LORAX Working Group as part of the Reply Comments phase of Case 10-E-0155. Original filings referred to herein can be found at the online Document Matters database for the PSC Case. The original Case filings by LORAX (June 16,2010) can be found at this posting.

LORAX Reply Comments for PSC Case 10-E-0155 - Con Edison.pdf

Additional LORAX Response to CE-OR Comments 7-6-10.pdf

hLORAX Reply Comments for PSC Case 10-E-0155 - CN Utilities.pdf

LORAX Reply Comments for PSC Case 10-E-0155 - EEANY.pdf

Here are original Case filings (June 16,2010) and Reply Commnets (July 6,2010) filed for the Weschester Board of Legislators:

WCBOL Comments, Case 10-E-0155.pdf

Appendix A - Preface, Photographs.pdf

Appendix B - WCBOL Res'n. 26-2010.pdf

Appendix C - Petitions to Save Our Woodlands.pdf (large file! 8.5Mb)

Appendix D - Previous Regulations Review.pdf

WCBOL Reply Comments for PSC Case 10-E-0155.pdf

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