Friday, September 17, 2010

Actions to Take If Utility TVMP ROW Clear Cutting Hits Your Property or Neighborhood

The most effective actions in "self-defense" you can take are as follows:
  • Document the name of the utility contractor at work. Try to speak with and get names of supervisors, if any, on-site. 
  • Insist upon seeing the project work order documentation and ensure there are properly flagged survey markings.
  • Look at your easement agreement to ensure that the requirements were followed "to the letter" by the utility.
  • Create a concise narrative documentation (WORD .doc) with before, during & after photos of your property.
  • Make sure you local, county and state politicians know what is occurring/has occurred.
  • Insist upon on-site meetings with utility to discuss mitigation -- and include politicians, PSC, LORAX reps, if possible.
  • Report complaints to Public Service Commission (PSC) via consumer complaint web page or posted 1-800 complaint phone number.
  • File materials to PSC CASE 10-E-0155 (due before Sept 28?) regarding your situation including photos. This can be done via the PSC website or via email to with doc, photos, etc.
  • Contact local newspapers, TV reporters, local or regional environmental groups, etc. 
  • Start a letter writing campaign to media, environmental groups and to local and regional politicians.
  • Contact the NYSDEC is you believe environmental infractions occurred on state-monitored land (eg: wetlands and water courses). This includes lack of proper erosion and sediment controls.
  • Meet and consult with neighbors. Share stories, facts and ideas. Act together. Don't be isolated!
All of this helps to increase visibility of the events as well as to apply broader pressure on the utility and its contractor to come to some sort of mitigation agreement that makes sense.

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