Friday, September 17, 2010

Post O&R Clear Cut Video - Incursion into Delineated Wetlands

View the following video documenting O&R's activity in Orange County:

See all O&R TVMP movie postings by kathr754 on YouTube.

Kathy, the homeowner emailed:

Nearly all the cutting was done within the delineated area. In fact, when I confronted the Lewis crew about the wetland flags, they said that if they had known before hand, they would have come through and done any tree trimming and cutting by hand. They only realized it was delineated wetland after they found one flag crumpled under some of the aftermath of the clearing. Even so, they made little effort to minimize further damage and kept right on using their big "chipper or mower". I called " Eric", the O&R rep, and he asked me what I would like done. I told him some sort of restoration but never heard back. Shortly after they sent a survey team out to survey all the properties. My neighbor , Mr. Bob Mason, had complained that they were reading the survey maps wrong and actually cutting more than was called for along the ROW.


Read her complete submission to the PSC Case 10-E-0155 filings here (pdf).


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More reporting (9/17/10) on the clear cutting incidents around Chester and Warwick from the local Chronicle paper:

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From the Record Online site 9/21/10: