Sunday, October 24, 2010

Irvington GPTF's "Your Leaves: Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" Environmentally-Friendly Cost-Saving Initiative


Irvington GPTF's "Your Leaves: Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" Environmentally-Friendly Cost-Saving Initiative

On Wed., October 27 at 7:30 p.m., the Irvington Green Policy Task Force will be presenting "Your Leaves: Love 'Em and Leave 'Em", an environmentally-friendly cost-saving initiative to the Greenburgh Town Council during the Council meeting at Greenburgh Town Hall.

Fall leaves are a valuable resource that most homeowners let go to waste by having them blown into piles on the street, or raked into brown landscaping bags stacked curb-side, left for eventual town pickup. Leaf collection, hauling, and disposal is a huge annual cost to every municipality in our tree-lovely county!  Too often these curbside leaf piles spread out, or the bags tip over, washing leaves into the street, clogging storm drains and making roads dangerous for driving.  Additional cost is thus incurred because these storm drains must be cleared to avoid flooding.

As a homeowner, are there options?  Is there a better way?

Whether you pay a lawn care service or do it yourself, the easy and cost-saving answer is: Leave 'em in place!  Shredding your leaves where they are on the lawn, using shredded leaves as a winter mulch on landscape beds, collecting shredded leaves into compost piles, or simply leaving your leaves under the trees in wooded areas are all examples of using nature's own method of turning old leaves into new soil.  In these stressful economic times, the "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em" Initiative is not only "green", it just makes Cents!

The public are welcome to come to the Town Hall for the presentation, or for more information and/or questions about mulching-in-place and composting of leaves, visit the Irvington Green Policy Task Force web-pages or write them at

Also contact:

Anne Jaffe Holmes
Coordinator of School Programs & Environmental Projects
Greenburgh Nature Center
99 Dromore Road
Scarsdale, NY 10583
P: 914-813-1812
F: 914-725-6599

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