Thursday, November 18, 2010

5 Things to Do to Offer Wildlife Support This Winter

1) Provide winter fuel for wildlife with native plants that offer nuts, berries and seeds or offer a feeder.

2) Anchor your old holiday tree in a secluded part of your yard for wildlife to use as shelter from harsh weather.

3) Start a compost pile of needles, pinecones and wreaths made from natural material from your holiday decorations to provide additional cover for wildlife.

4) Clean and fill your birdbath on a regular basis. If you live in an area where temperatures freeze water, use a birdbath heater as a simple way to keep water accessible.

5) Create a cozy winter home for birds. Clean out your spring nest boxes or provide a warm winter roosting box. Also, evidence shows roosting birds prefer winter homes placed up high — about 10 feet or more.


Got what it takes? Register your yard as a Wildlife Habitat™ site via National Wildlife Foundation.

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