Monday, November 29, 2010

County Exec Astorino to Hold Budget Meeting Tonight

2011 Budget meeting tonight - email alert from CCE:

County Executive Rob Astorino will be holding a meeting on Monday night, November 29 at 6:30 p.m. at 6:30 p.m in the Fellowship Hall at St. Matthews. The church is located at 382 Cantitoe St. in Bedford. The talk is being hosted by the Bedford/Armonk Rotary Club.

Mr. Astorino will be there to answer questions about the 2011 Budget. The meeting is open to the public and anyone can attend. This would be a good opportunity to make your thoughts known and to dispel misconceptions about Cornell University funding CCE Westchester. Cornell only provides in-kind services of faculty and staff; it does not provide cash to the county extension offices.

In County Law 224, the state established Cornell as the “agent for the state, for the cooperative management of said work of the county extension service association and the proper supervision of the professional staff employed therefor.” County Law 224 also says that in order to qualify for state funding, a county extension office must first have an appropriation from the county treasury.

It is important to go and confront Mr. Astorino on his budget cutbacks - especially to the Cooperative Extension program.


From a previous email - background info on CCE as a non-profit (or not):

Cornell Cooperative Extension is a public, "subordinate governmental agency" established by state statute and as such has requirements that are the same as any village, town, county, city, etc. in New York State including record-keeping and document retention, election of governing body members, open public meetings law, public agency purchasing, and many other limitations that government agencies must follow. Non-profits are private organizations, not publicly owned. CCE is a public organization intended to be supported by taxpayer dollars via government appropriations.

Because CCE is the only entity of its type in New York State, some people mistake CCE for a non-profit. While it is true that CCE does not make any profit, neither does any county, city, town, village, or other governmental agency.

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