Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yonkers Announces Upcoming Distribution Line Clearing Cycle by Con Edison

From the Yonkers Green Policy Task Force enewsletter:

Con Edison's tree-trimming operation will soon hit in Yonkers again.

The public utilities company maintains that trimming trees along transmission (large high voltage towers) and distribution lines (street poles) minimizes storm damage to ensure reliable transmission. Opponents say Con Ed is going way overboard by cutting down far too many trees for neighborhood aesthetics. They argue that over-pruning can weaken the tree and/or create an imbalance in its distribution which causes an even greater likelihood of damage and power outages.

After its first round of cutting last spring, a group of concerned citizens formed a regional task force, with participation from the Yonkers GPTF, called the Lorax Working Group in an effort to watchdog the process. [...] After studying both sides of the issue, Yonkers responded in February 2010 by passing a moratorium on the clear cutting of trees along transmission lines until further study. The utilities company is, however, able to cut trees along its distribution lines and herein lies the rub.

They will start the process in the next few weeks on the streets listed below. Once Con Ed furnishes the GPTF with the exact times and dates, we will publish another eblast so residents can supervise the process on their properties if they so choose.

The following Yonkers streets will be affected:

Fort Hill Rd
Central Park Ave
Young Ave
Depew Ave
Morrow Ave
Brendon Hill Rd
Malverne Rd
Scardale Rd
Harney Rd
Beech Hill Rd
Old Army Rd
Weyburn Rd
Edgemont Rd
Lynwood Pl & Rd
Wyndham Rd
Overton Rd
Iverness Rd
Banbury Rd
Cotswold Way
Chalford La
E. Fort Hill Rd
Halsey Rd
Simpson Pl
Eisenhower Pl
Crisfield St
Andover Rd
Patton Dr
Nimitz Rd
Nassau Rd
Shore View Dr
Beaumont Cir
Grange Ave
Canfield Ave
Armonk Ave
Helena Ave
Roxbury Dr E
Cleveland Pl
E. Fort Hill Rd
Bacon Pl
Eisenhower Dr
Nimitz Pl
Falmouth Rd
Deerhurst Rd
Woods Hole Dr
Dimsdale Rd
Marissa Dt
Chalford La
Wyndcliff Rd
Dorset Rd
Sulgrave Rd

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