Thursday, May 19, 2011

Distribution Line Clearing Upcoming in Irvington!

Con Ed is back to trim & remove trees that are interfering with their wires. They are planning to begin pruning in approximately 2-3 weeks. They will not take any street trees down without first consulting with the village. Under the current village tree code, pruning does not currently require any consultation with the village nor with the property owner. However, Con Ed's published policy is to notify homeowners at least 48 hours in advance of pruning work.

The following are the locations (streets) in the village:

Cyrus Field Road

Mountain Road
Hermits Road
East Sunnyside Lane
West Sunnyside Lane
Fargo Lane
Meadowbrook Road
North Broadway
Strawberry Lane (Private)
Riverview Road
Barbara Lane
Janet Terrace
Irving Place
Circle Drive
High School Road (Private)
Hudson Avenue
Center Street
Park Avenue

The same questions and issues will arise this time as the last few years. The village needs to proactively reach out to Con Ed distribution services management (Matt Glaser, et al) and reach some operational agreements (beyond simply supplying "OKs" for tree removals on public easements...)

How can we ensure that the work crews will not over prune, as in the past?

Are there special trees of interest to be protected from general pruning? For example, we should ensure that the reservoir area - Cyrus Field - gets specially protected as view shed, water shed, habitat and park land - all of which it is. There must be minimal pruning & removals in this area...

Who will be the Con Ed supervising arborist on the project? Will we have a complete contact / escalation phone list and "halt-work" process?

Can we get a walk through by street segment ahead of pruning so that any "controversial" trees can be individually addressed?

How can we ensure a consulting arborist to be available on call when needed? (Issue: current village budget limitations.)

How do we guarantee that Con Ed is contacting homeowners with advanced notification of pruning activities? And with clear descriptions of intended activities?

We need to ensure that Con Ed notifies the village a day or two in advance of specific target locations so that a current (updated) eblast alert can be sent out to residents.

I have probably forgot some stuff here, but this is the key set of objectives to protect our trees and the rights of our residents.

Here are two action item lists previously posted to the Irvington Tree Preservation blog ( last year concerning distribution line vegetation management. Please take time to check out the links and review the materials.

Please be sure to contact the VIllage Administrator and the Mayor with your concerns. The more voices that speak up, the more effective the village's response will be! We can't let this go as "business as usual" since we know what the results of that will be from the last cycle of vegetation management.

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