Monday, June 27, 2011

Con Edison To Begin Pruning In Irvington

from today's Village of Irvington eblast:
Con Edison is scheduled to perform routine tree trimming and tree removal work in the Village of Irvington in the coming weeks.  Irvington officials have met with Con Edison to review their plan for this work.  We have asked Con Edison to provide us with a list of streets / areas on a daily basis where tree work is expected.  This list will be published to the Village web site and sent to the Village-wide email list.

In addition to keeping you informed about the expected tree work locations, we are providing you with a link to helpful information about Con Edison’s Distribution Line clearing activities:

Con Edison is legally required to provide all adjacent property owners with notification of tree maintenance activities.  This notification likely took place with a letter some time ago.  In addition, if a tree removal is planned for a tree located on private property, Con Edison is required to obtain the private property owner's permission to complete the removal.  Also, in such cases, the private property owner can request a meeting with Con Edison to review the planned work.

Tree work is expected to begin Monday (6/27) and continue to Tuesday (6/28) in the following areas:

Day 1 (Monday 6/27)Hermits Rd
East and West Sunnyside
Circle Dr
Hudson Ave
Center St
Park Ave

Day 2 (Tuesday 6/28)Fargo La
Meadowbrook Rd
N. Broadway
Strawberry La
High School Rd
Riverview Rd
Barbara La
Janet Terrace
Irving Pl

Please use this list as a guideline and not a guaranteed schedule.  Con Edison’s tree contractor will need to adjust this schedule based on the actual work completed in the field.  This, of course, is dependent on many factors including weather and other unforeseen circumstances.  If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact Irvington Superintendent of Public Works, Greg Nilsson at 914-591-6044 or  In addition, Con Edison can be reached directly at 1-800-75-CONED (1-800-752-6633).

For ideas about what you might do as a homeowner to best protect your trees, please read this previous blog posting: Homeowner Checklist

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