Friday, June 24, 2011

Invasive Beetle Makes Further Inroads In New York

Emerald Ash Borer is not in Westchester County yet, but will eventually arrive here. Public and private planing for this eventuality is urgently required.
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Submitted by Natalie Zises on Fri, 2011-06-17 11:42.
The emerald ash borer beetle that was first detected in New York State's Cattaraugus County in 2009 has now been detectedin Buffalo's South Park, a 155-acre park and arboretum that is part of the historic Olmsted Parks System. It marks the first time the ash borer beetle has been seen in Erie County.
Despite multi-state efforts to curtail its  expansion, the emerald ash borer has spread across the  Northeast.Despite multi-state efforts to curtail its expansion, the emerald ash borer has spread across the Northeast.This small yet destructive beetle has metallic green wings and a coppery red or purple abdomen. The danger lies in its larvae, which feed in tunnels below the bark of the ash tree. By doing so, the ash borers make it difficult for water and nutrients to flow through, causing the death of branches eventually the entire tree.
New York has over 900 million ash trees, which make up 7 percent of our tree population. However, this may not be the case all too soon, due to this invasive insect.
The beetle has already decimated tens of millions of ash trees in the United States. In New York State, alone 16 counties are under quarantine -- and the invasion shows no signs of stopping.
The Department of Environmental Conservation has been implementing a strategy it calls SLAM, for "slow ash mortality." By training citizens and volunteers to spot the emerald ash borer, they are hoping to slow the beetle's take-down of the green, white, blue, and black ash. However, an effective method to fully stop the beetles has proven elusive so far.


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DEC state-wide county map of Emerald Ash Borer infestation:

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